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Anin (hello), and welcome to my web page, which has been on-line since 1994.

My name is Rose Edwards, I am an Ojibwa Indian from the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community (KBIC). My Indian names are Wauwaushkaesh (wah-wah-ski-see) Little Deer which was given to me by my Grandfather when I was a child, my other/adult Ojibwa name is Migadideekwe (mih-gah-dee-day-ay-kway) Fighting Woman.

Enjoy your visit and come again soon, Migwetch.


Rotating Quotes & Stuff:

If people are genuinely interested in honoring Indians, try getting your government to live up to the more than 400 treaties it signed with our nations. Try respecting our religious freedom which has been repeatedly denied in federal courts. Try stopping the ongoing theft of Indian water and other natural resources. Try reversing your colonial process that relegates us to the most impoverished, polluted, and desperate conditions in this country...Try understanding that the mascot issue is only the tip of a very huge problem of continuing racisim against American Indians. Then maybe your ["honors"] will mean something. Until then, it's just so much superficial, hypocritical puffery. People should remember that an honor isn't born when it parts the honorer's lips, it is born when it is accepted in the honoree's ear.
...Glenn T. Morris, AIM Colorado

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Fight For Justice
The Struggle for Justice
on the KBIC Reservation
Against a Corrupt Council.

FFJ Photos
Visit here to see many different photos
on the takeover and tear gas attack.

Treaty of 1842
Read a copy of the treaty between
the United States and the Chippewa Indians
of the Mississippi,and Lake Superior.
Signed October 4, 1842

Treaty of 1854
Read a copy of the treaty between
the United States and the Chippewa Indians
of the Mississippi,and Lake Superior.
Signed September 30, 1854

  Native Books
A must have of Native Books for your Library.

KBIC Constitution
Click here to read the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community's constitution.

Visit here to see a map of the
Michigan Indian Reservations

History of the Ojibwa
A brief history of the Ojibwa

  Bulletin Board
Notices, Queries & Stuff
Click here to see the list of what is happening
on the Pow-Wows trail and also view the
Queries people have posted looking for
Information. Maybe you can answer them?
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 Native Genealogy
Genealogy Resource for the People of the Three Fires - Ojibwa, Ottawa & the Potawatomi 

  My Ancestors Genealogy
Check and see if we are related.
Or surf other Genealocial Links
There are over 400 of them
My Ancestors Photos
View some of my ancestor out in the
Sugar bush or swimming in Lake Superior
Ojibwa Yorkies & Stuff
Ojibwa Yorkies Kennel
Yorkshire Terrier Information & Stuff.
My Awards & Stuff
Here are my awards that
I have been honored with
Migwetch all of you for the honor.
Links, Rings & Stuff
Native Links, Native Rings
Past Award Winners of Rose's Native Stuff
web site award of excellence.

 US Government & Stuff
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This web site is designed and maintained by Rose Edwards, an Ojibwa and a tribal member of the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community (KBIC). All comments on this web page may be sent to Rose Edwards at E-mail Address

Copyright; 1995 2003 by Rose Edwards. All Rights Reserved.

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